Proper Ballet Dancewear

by Nela Nim on March 27, 2013

Dancewear has changed significantly over the last few hundred years. The costumes originally used in ballet were much bulkier than they are now, placing greater restrictions on the dancer’s movements. As there are more forms of dance now, as compared to 15th century ballet, there are also more forms of dancewear. Modern ballet skirts are often short and sleeveless providing the dancers with flexibility and an elegant look that is comfortable. Basic dancewear consists of leotards, tights, and shoes.


Opera Covent Garden Brief History

by OpCovGarden on July 24, 2012

    A Brief History of London’s Royal Opera House By Paul Siegel The current performing arts center that serves as the home of The Royal Opera-as well as The Royal Ballet and The Royal Orchestra-is actually the third edifice of its kind on this site in central London, one that is colloquially known as [...]